Friday, October 17, 2008

YES Prop 8 Signs Stolen

So, you don't really think that the homosexual activists who are pushing gay "marriage" upon us here in California aren't out to silence Christians, conservatives, and traditional marriage advocates?

The evidence OF THIS FACT is already clear:

Was your Proposition 8 sign stolen?

There are reports from all across the state of voters' Yes on Proposition 8 signs being stolen or vandalized. If you are the victim of this intolerance and bigotry, please send the following information to LaTanya Wright: Name, Address, Zip and Phone Number.

We will make sure your sign is replaced as soon as possible. Email LaTanya at:

300 signs supporting Proposition 8 stolen from Chino Hills church

There was a sign on a neighbor's lawn on my block which was displayed in support of the VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 8 ballot measure. Two days later, it was stolen!

See? The silencing of those who disagree with homosexual activists is happening already!

Don't let what has happened in Massachusetts happen in California!



Reuven said...

I'm a CHRISTIAN and I'm voting NO on 8.


Because it seems that all the funding has come from false Christian groups like ROMAN CATHOLICS and "MORMONS" both of whom are idolaters (worshiping Men, Mary, beads, little statues of saints, etc).

IDOLATRY is a worse sin. Voting yes on 8 supports idolatry.

Christinewjc said...

So reuven - as a Christian believer, what is the biblical basis for your "no" vote?

emily said...

What is your definition of christian?

mormons believe in Christ. They worship him as God's son.

His name is in the title of their church:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

And Catholics believe Christ saves people from their sins.

what standard aren't they meeting here?

Mark said...

My No on 8 signs were stolen, and I caught the lady who was stealing them. Her kids were in her SUV (this is in Orange County) and the lessons she was teaching her 8 & 10 year old kids were:
*It's OK to take rights away from people
*It's OK to lie about doing it (What does Prop 8 have to do with RESTORING anything? "Traditional" marriage was never altered, changed, or hampered in any way.)
*It's OK to steal property if you feel righteous about it.

And apparently, if the kids were reading this post, it's all OK to do it under the flag of Christianity.

If Jesus were here, I'm sure that he would Vote No on 8. As a Christian, I don't feel that this Prop promotes the Love of god. As a voter, the battle fought on this one isn't about my rights as a straight married man, but is about taking away rights that should be fundamental. It's like women's rights and black rights -- it's not so long since people voted against those, either.

Christinewjc said...

Emily -

Good points. There have been Jewish believers who also supported Prop 8! There are even homosexuals who voted for it! Of course, we don't hear about them...isn't politically correct.

When the vote ended up in favor of yes on Prop 8, the gay activists took to the streets and violently protested against a Mormon church in Long Beach. I ask, where is the tolerance in that?

Answer: The don't have any for the other side. Period.

Christinewjc said...

Mark -

Citing bad behavior of others isn't the best way to get your point across. The people of CA have voted - a second time - that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Your side refuses to accept this. Your side is violently protesting against a Mormon church. Your side is spewing hateful rhetoric at those who voted to restore marriage to its 5,000 year old definition.


The more people see such hate being spewed at those with whom you and your ilk disagree - the more they will realize that we voted correctly on this matter.