Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Increasing Incidents of Pro-Homosexual Bullying

We saw the liberal left lunatic rabid hatred and bullying of Christians in the Carrie PreJean case. Now, we are experiencing it again with the case of Brandon Wegner, a 15-year-old student who was set up for humiliation and “made to be an example” by school administrators.

The following is a copy of an email sent to me by Mathew Staver:

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


Liberty Counsel is not only engaged in Shawano, Wisconsin, due to egregious violations of a local student’s rights – but we are also fighting an equally important battle over the public’s perception of homosexual “rights” and increasing incidents of pro-homosexual bullying!

The sheer audacity of school administrators in the Shawano Public School System has led us to do something very assertive – we are taking this battle to the Shawano community at large as well as publicizing it nationally.

Of course, we are doing everything possible to provide excellent representation for our client, Brandon Wegner, a 15-year-old student who was set up for humiliation and “made to be an example” by school administrators. But the intolerable facts of this case make it important to totally expose the high-handed, incredibly misguided actions of Brandon’s academic authority figures.

As a Liberty Counsel team member – and especially if you are a parent or grandparent – I need you to stand with me in this critical case on behalf of the generations following us. If we don’t stop this outrageous persecution in Shawano, it will eventually show up in your community, as well! Please read my very important message and legal update – Mat.


Imagine that your teen is hauled into the principal’s office and unjustly charged with violating a school policy – when in fact, your son or daughter was following the guidelines of a school assignment under the supervision of a faculty sponsor.

Then, try to imagine that he or she is repeatedly grilled by multiple school officials without you even being notified, and that your child loses valuable study time so they can mock, humiliate, and threaten him or her into cow-towing to their viewpoint on an important social issue.

Now imagine, if you can, that your child is summarily dragged to the highest authority in the school system to be berated, condescended to, and called insulting names!

For the Wegner family in Shawano, Wisconsin, this chilling scenario worthy of the Red Guard in Communist China became a shocking reality earlier this month.

This is the case of Brandon Wegner, a 15-year-old Wisconsin student who was bullied, censored, punished, and ridiculed for writing an op-ed article explaining the Biblical view of homosexuality and speaking out in support of natural, mother-father adoption, a view held by the vast majority of Americans.

Incredibly, it turns out that the main actors in this travesty were people in authority over Brandon and his schoolmates – his high school principal and the school system superintendent. This is truly an intolerable situation!

++Brandon is now being represented by Liberty Counsel – but there is more to this unfolding story…

As the news of this outrage spreads, Americans are understandably alarmed and upset over the incident.

Because of widespread national media coverage, this case is now being debated on the national stage as well as in Brandon’s small community. That’s why I now feel it’s important to take the facts of this case into Brandon’s local area, expose those who denied him his inalienable rights, and to make the facts public knowledge.

++This outrage needs to be aired in the sunshine!

Christine, as a parent and grandparent, I am asking you to join me in this initiative and to help Liberty Counsel win this battle in the court of public opinion.

We have prepared a “Letter of Outrage” that will be signed by tens of thousands of concerned Americans and sent to the Shawano Board of Education…

and strategically placed in Shawano’s dominant media outlets…
so that pro-homosexual groups cannot distort the truth of this case…
and so that the Shawano High School Principal and Superintendent cannot “spin” the facts in the media.

There is NO constitutional defense for the school system’s acts of censorship and persecution. There is NO moral defense for Superintendent Todd Carlson’s bullying, threatening, and intimidating a student – especially when the student was in the right all along!

The fact is, Brandon Wegner was set up to be an example for anyone who dares challenge politically correct, ultraliberal, pro-homosexual indoctrination. But working together, we can turn the tables on these bullies and make THEM an example of being constitutionally illiterate, knee-jerk reactionaries, ready to collaborate with radical liberal activists at the drop of a hat!

Simply click here to sign our “Letter of Outrage” and to read Brandon’s op-ed and Liberty Counsel’s Demand Letter:

http://www.libertyaction.org/345/petition.asp [live link at end of page.]

++In case you’ve missed the details, here is what happened:

While participating in one of his school’s news writing courses, and under the supervision of a faculty sponsor, Brandon teamed up with a fellow student to produce a “point-counter-point” column for the school paper on the subject of “homosexual adoption.”

The subject of the op-ed piece was discussed among students and the newspaper’s sponsor in advance. Brandon took the position that homosexual adoption is wrong. He supported his position by citing Bible passages.

++A complaint from an adult homosexual ignited a firestorm!

A homosexual parent read the point-counterpoint article and protested. The school principal then called Brandon into his office and told him he could not speak about religion, politics, or social issues in a public school.

I’ve already related most of the rest of the story, but you can read the full report on our website at www.LC.org. Just click on the News Release link. The details are shocking!

This is an outrageous case of misguided school officials abusing their authority and the public’s trust, trying to make an example of a morally strong student – a student who was protected in his right to speak from his unique viewpoint by the United States Constitution!

I am confident that we will successfully defend Brandon’s First Amendment rights. As I have said many times, no American’s freedom of speech is left at the schoolhouse door. We have already sent a strong letter to School Superintendent Todd Carlson DEMANDING an apology for the system’s unconstitutional and irrational censorship of Brandon’s article.

What Superintendent Carlson did is unconscionable. Now, I am calling on my Liberty Counsel team to help expose and overcome the underlying anti-family bigotry permeating our nation!

That is why we have crafted our “Letter of Outrage.” I am calling on tens of thousands of Liberty Counsel team members to sign the letter as soon as possible!

Please click here to sign and to read Liberty Counsel’s “Letter of Outrage,” our Demand Letter to the Shawano Board of Education, and Brandon’s well-written op-ed piece supporting natural marriage and adoption:

http://www.libertyaction.org/345/petition.asp [Live link at end of page.]

Now more than ever, there is a great need for the kind of assistance Liberty Counsel was founded to provide. We are literally fighting day-to-day to keep our culture from being pushed over the edge by radical bullies and misguided zealots!

Our no-charge service to Brandon and his family is one of the most important missions Liberty Counsel performs – to defend the rights of those who are being unjustly persecuted for their faith or moral convictions.

Brandon Wegner was bullied by a powerful school superintendent who had serious misconceptions about the law that governs situations like this. The misguided Shawano school administrators got the facts totally upside down!

Our Demand Letter has already gone a long way toward educating these woefully misinformed officials and Liberty Counsel will do whatever else is necessary to correct this situation. We WILL win this battle and expose the true bullies – but we need your help to do it and to win the larger battle in the public arena.

Please, click here to sign our “Open Letter of Outrage”:


Thank you for standing with Brandon and Liberty Counsel in this very important battle!

May God bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel