Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Write Letters to Restore CA Marriage

As we get closer to election day on November 4, 2008, it is very important for California Christians to write letters to the editor in support of Proposition 8!

Here are sample letters to consider:

To the Editor:

Marriage is a holy thing which our culture needs to respect more than it does. Same-sex "marriage" is not the way to do this. Same-sex "marriage" is not marriage. It is an imitation of the real thing. Our laws cannot enshrine the imitation without harming the real thing. Once the imitation is in place, you have to teach children that the imitation is real. You have to force ministers and the general public to violate their conscience and compel them to endorse the imitation. It's already happening. Catholic Charities can no longer offer adoption services in Massachusetts because they're forced to include homosexual adoption. So much for religious liberty! The imitation drives out the genuine and is cruel both to those who fall for the fake and to those who resist. I urge my fellow Californians not to fall for the imitation.

To the Editor:

Homosexual marriage is cruel to the innocent children doomed to grow up without one of their parents. Homosexual "marriage" denies that to the little boy who needs his daddy or the little girl who needs her mommy! How can grownups be so cruel to innocent children? Worse, homosexual "marriage" means the adults are doing this deliberately, all for their own selfish reasons. It's not as if death has cheated a child of a parent. Homosexual "marriage" purposely takes one parent away and tries to replace it with two of the same parent! Why would adults do that to a child? How can they be so selfish? I can't bring myself to vote for something like that. That's why I'm voting to support marriage: one-man, one-woman for life. It's the right thing to do.

HT: Concerned Women for America

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