Sunday, September 21, 2008

Religious Freedoms At Risk

My sister in Christ, Carlotta, has an important and eye-opening blog post which points out exactly why same-sex marriage laws need to be opposed! Gay Unions Don't Affect Religious Freedoms? Think Again!

She writes:

Listed [at Carlotta's blog] are a few examples of what has transpired within this decade to many religious organizations and/or individuals where they were sued, forced or had ceased operations altogether to accommodate or avoid accommodating the newly defined “families.”

Go over there and read them. People, this is just the tip of the "homosexual agenda silencing religious freedoms" iceberg!

From a biblical and Christian standpoint, I add my comments:

You are exactly right, Carlotta. When sexual orientation/behavior/perversion “laws” are written, they inevitably are used to trump freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of association rights. Guess who gets discriminated against?

Your examples plainly show the answer to that question.

The “equality” and “tolerance” mantra is just a not-so-subtle guise that is designed, and determined, to silence Christians and God’s Word. Period.

In the secular humanistic and gay “christian” movement world, it appears that some are more “equal” than others and that “tolerance” is a one way street.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

God’s Word has told us what that is.

Jesus, himself, specifically refered to how it would be the closer we get to His return:

The Days of Noah Are Here

As In The Days of Lot

We need to share those links with every Christian. Many are either ignorant or unaware of the dire consequences involved in the same-sex marriage issue.

God bless you, Carlotta, for writing openly about this topic. We need to keep Proposition 8’s YES votes in our prayers and share the TRUTH with as many voters as possible! Thank you for doing your part in the TRUTH war!

In Christ’s service,

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