Thursday, August 6, 2009

Study Finds Fathers Crucial to Child Development

No matter what the homosexual activists would want you believe, more and more proof is being shown that children need both a mother and a father for the best development scenario while growing up.

New America Media: Study Finds Fathers Crucial to Child Development


The study found that children whose fathers had become more involved in their daily care did not show any increase in aggressive behavior or hyperactivity over the next two years, according to Supporting Father Involvement researcher Carolyn Cowan.

“However,” Cowan added, “children of the parents in the control group increased their behavior problems in the same time period.”

The research suggests that a father’s increased involvement in his child’s daily life provides emotional benefits for both the child and the parents.
In order to best reach the participants, the research sites worked to make sure the sessions were both clinically and culturally competent.

[T]he study is unique for several reasons: It is one of few studies to focus on the role of fathers in childrearing. It also focuses on the five integral aspects of life: self- esteem, a couple’s relationship, the parent-child relationship, family legacies or rituals, and community support and stressors. Unlike other studies, each group has a male and female facilitator, which organizers say provides a model to encourage shared responsibilities.

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